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NativeEnergy and Sustainable Brands report 2012 greenhouse gas emissions

Conference emissions have been offset with NativeEnergy Help Build™ carbon projects

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. / BURLINGTON, Vt. – August 6, 2012 – NativeEnergy and Sustainable Brands have calculated the CO2 emissions for the sixth annual Sustainable Brands conference held on June 4-7 in San Diego, California. NativeEnergy has donated carbon offsets from projects in Iowa, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania to counteract the carbon footprint of the event.

During the conference, leaders in corporate social responsibility like Steelcase, Ford, Interface, and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters discussed strategies and practices that achieve success on the triple bottom line: financial, social, and environmental.

In keeping with this goal, Sustainable Life Media implemented a Zero Waste program to address the environmental effects of conference attendance. The organizers selected an eco-conscious venue, used recyclable signage, served refreshments in bulk, and avoided the use of disposable food service items.

Carbon emissions from the event were also an important consideration. To address this, NativeEnergy was selected to be the official Carbon Offset Sponsor.

“Sustainable Brands is a forum for the critical conversations that we—as businesspeople and as citizens—need to have about the environment and the communities in which we and our suppliers work,” said Tom Rawls, VP of sales and marketing at NativeEnergy. “We can tweet to each other all day, but nothing has replaced the value of thoughtful face-to-face conversation. Travel inevitably has a carbon footprint. We’re proud to help counteract this with our Help Build™ carbon offsets.”

>> Click to download the 2012 CO2 Report

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