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5 important recycling tips

Posted by: Meg Stout
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If you read this blog, you probably recycle. But do you recycle correctly?

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Phantom load: How unplugging can save you $100 or more

Posted by: Meg Stout
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They lurk in corners… they look like everyday objects… and they’re gouging your bank account needlessly. Your appliances may seem idle when you turn them off, but they are still raising your energy bill.

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Green washing: 5 ways to improve your laundry

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team

There’s an invention that can cut your energy use, reduce the risk of a house fire, and make your favorite clothes last longer.

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Poopular wisdom: Natural and effective ways to fertilize your garden

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team


By incorporating manure and other organic fertilizers into your lawn and garden, you can avoid using synthetic chemicals—putting yourself on a safer path for your family, your pets, and the environment

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Which eco-labels can you trust?

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team

When you go to the store, you probably notice the colorful multitudes of eco-product labels. The claims are diverse, touting everything from “100% recycled materials” to “cruelty-free” farming methods. But how can you tell if your money is going toward a good cause or a clever marketer?

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