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Wewoka construction advances

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team
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Despite oppressive heat and a lingering summer, the Wewoka Biogas Project in Oklahoma is well under way.

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Renewing education with renewable energy

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team
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Most high schools don’t have demo wind turbines in their gyms, where students can learn climbing safety and other skills. But that’s the least of the cool technology at Union City Community High (UCCHS), home of the Indiana Community Wind Project.

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Exciting news from our Help Build™ projects

Across America, wind turbines are spinning, landfill gas is combusting, and manure digesters are, well, turning manure into energy. We are grateful that you have helped build nearly 50 projects that are now reducing CO2 pollution and supplying the nation’s electric grid!

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Teaching innovation: A field trip to Laurelbrook Farm

On Friday, May 27, 20 Housatonic Valley Regional High School students emerged from a tan bus, gripping clipboards and questionnaires. By a brook that winds through the fields, dusted with pink and white flowers, farmer Bob Jacquier welcomed them to Laurelbrook Farm.

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Help build our 50th project!

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team
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The Wewoka Biogas Project, located in Wewoka, Oklahoma, is one of the most ambitious Help Build™ projects that NativeEnergy has ever undertaken. Over eight years, this project will reduce an estimated 300,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Its community benefits aren’t small either: the project will use gas emitted by a landfill to power a family-owned brick factory—the Commercial Brick Corporation.

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