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Coming to grips with climate change

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team

"Ours is a world in which a flood in Thailand can cut off global supplies of computer disk drives for the better part of a year; where a record-low Mississippi River can choke the flow of commerce; where an unprecedented hurricane (or “superstorm”) can upend one of the world’s financial centers for weeks. In that context, how should a company view climate change, renewable energy, and resource efficiency?"

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Microsoft takes carbon accounting to a new level

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team

Microsoft has implemented a companywide system to charge each of their departments for the carbon emissions associated with their data centers, software development labs, offices, and employee travel.

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TriplePundit names NativeEnergy to list of “Top 25 Sustainable Brands on Twitter”

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team

Twitter is often viewed as the social media site for celebrity news and fleeting updates, but behind this image lies a strong community of CSR leaders. Through a networked series of Twitter accounts, executives, reporters, and engaged customers connect and share their knowledge of sustainability best practices.

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Climate and Crampons: Outdoor Industry protects its most valuable asset

Salt Lake City is not the first city I’ve visited through my work at NativeEnergy where localized pollution has made for an uncomfortable visit. It serves as a potent reminder of the reason I’m there.

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Chevy tackles climate change

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In 2010, Chevrolet announced that they were embarking on their Carbon Reduction Initiative, an effort to invest $40 million in carbon offset projects across the country with the goal of reducing up to 8 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions. The program includes wind, landfill-gas-to-energy, solar, efficiency, and conservation projects.   

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