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Trash to Energy: NativeEnergy project fires bricks with landfill gas

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We love traveling to our Help Build™ carbon projects. There’s a certain excitement and sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing in person the good that our customers have done.

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Wewoka project developer named “Industry Partner of the Year”

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Congratulations to our friends at Enerdyne Power Systems! They have been named “Industry Partner of the Year” by the U.S. EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Project.

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Dedication ceremony: The Wewoka Biogas Project

It was exciting. It was inspiring. It was hosted on a landfill. The Wewoka Biogas Project dedication ceremony, which took place on Friday, October 21, proved that expectations are often false and community can be found in surprising places.

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Wewoka construction advances

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Despite oppressive heat and a lingering summer, the Wewoka Biogas Project in Oklahoma is well under way.

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Exciting news from our Help Build™ projects

Across America, wind turbines are spinning, landfill gas is combusting, and manure digesters are, well, turning manure into energy. We are grateful that you have helped build nearly 50 projects that are now reducing CO2 pollution and supplying the nation’s electric grid!

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