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Continuing on the path to environmental sustainability

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As a part of our business webinar series, we posed the topic: 10 Years of Voluntary Carbon Reductions: Why are we doing it? What have we done? And what do we plan to do in the future?

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Cradle-to-Cradle products. And now carbon neutral operations.

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Since its founding in 1961, Designtex (then Design Tex) has been designing and delivering high-quality and creative textile products in the furniture and commercial interiors industry. The company created the first flame-retardant upholstery, then Berber, and next Mohair Plus fabrics; all the good and “cool” stuff you’d expect out of a New York based design firm. Their designs and products are found on Steelcase office chairs, on the walls at Marriott Hotels, and in many LEED-certified buildings. Customer satisfaction through innovation, extreme performance and a culture of sustainability has become their signature.

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What do sea turtles, vegetable oil, and manure have in common?

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The Heritage Store in Virginia Beach, VA, knows how to come up with inventive solutions. A manufacturer and retailer of healthy lifestyle products, they are firmly committed to environmental sustainability and extremely creative in their approach.

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Aveda offers carbon-neutral product

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Aveda™ is the first beauty company to offer aerosol hair sprays with net-zero climate pollution. For Aveda, “net-zero” means that climate emissions that could not be eliminated in the manufacture, shipping and use of every Aveda aerosol hair spray sold globally are being balanced out by an equal amount of greenhouse gas reductions.

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Guest Interview: BEN & JERRY’S

In continuing our blog series with each of our charter supporters of the Greensburg Wind Farm, our seventh blog is with Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc. This time, we meet Andrea Asch, manager of natural resource use.

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