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Slow climate change now!

Posted by: Erin Flaherty
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What if we could fight climate change with almost instant results? Well, we can. Researchers in the United States, Britain, Italy, Austria, Thailand, and Kenya have developed a proposal containing 14 measures to control global warming that would yield positive results within a decade.

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Climate change: A foot on the accelerator?

Posted by: Tom Rawls

One of the abiding concerns regarding climate change has been the prospect of a shift in the balance of certain natural systems that could speed up global warming.

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Renewable energy activist visits Ft. Peck Indian Reservation schools

Posted by: Jonny Bearcub Stiffarm
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Recently, NativeEnergy’s Jonny BearCub hosted a pair of unique characters in her home: renewable energy advocates Tom Weiss, president of Climate Crisis Solutions, and his friend Dr. Harvard Ayers.

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Does the world need more “Climate Reality”?

Posted by: Meg Stout

It was a languid and rainy evening, but inside Manhattan Studios, the energy was sparking. People in black suits darted around, grasping tiny earpieces, and someone slipped a yellow band onto my wrist. “You’re about to enter a live set,” another said, reciting a list of rules as he ushered us toward the elevator.

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Irene and climate change: Is there a link?

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team
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When Hurricane Irene descended on Vermont last weekend, Burlington (including the NativeEnergy office) was relatively unharmed, but the rest of the state wasn’t so lucky.

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