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Exciting and innovative development for small family farms

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team
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NativeEnergy recently won a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to develop a small cluster of “farm-methane to energy” projects on five dairy farms near Greensburg in Southwestern Pennsylvania. These family-owned farms (Hopeway Dairy, Kepple Farm, Lone Oak Farm, Selembo Dairy, and the Lone Star Farm) are home to approximately 1,000 milking and dry cows. This multi-site cluster development would make it possible to construct the digesters on these smaller dairies. It would be far too expensive for each dairy to develop a project individually. This is an exciting development as small, family-owned farms struggle to continue operating in difficult economic times.

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2009 Wrap-up

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2009 was a successful year for NativeEnergy carbon offset projects. Thanks to all of you for helping to build these projects, which fight global warming and help support local communities.

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Project Update: Farm projects doing better than expected

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Recently, NativeEnergy completed an independent assessment of the performance of its six Pennsylvania farm methane projects (Schrack Family Farm, Dovan Family Farm, Penn England Family Dairy Farm, Hillcrest Saylor Family Dairy Farm, Wanner Family Dairy Farm, and Brubaker Family Dairy Farm). The independent assessments of the six projects concluded that the projects are running at or better than expected levels, resulting in greater greenhouse gas reductions that originally projected. Several farms have increased the number of cows as part of the farm’s growth, and the digesters and associated electric generators have been performing well.

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