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Greensburg: Exceeding Expectations

Posted by: Sandra Markowitz - Intern
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Six years after a catastrophic tornado leveled Greensburg, Kansas, the town now stands as a leader in sustainable redevelopment. Called “the greenest town in America,” Greensburg meets 100% of its energy needs from a portion of the 12.5MW Greensburg Wind Farm. 

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Clif Bar's Elysa Hammond visits Indiana wind project

Posted by: Elysa Hammond, Director of Environmental Strategy, Clif Bar
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We take climate change seriously at Clif Bar & Company. As one part of our climate strategy, we partner with NativeEnergy to help build new sources of renewable energy. Since 2003 we've invested in more than 30 renewable energy projects, including the first Native American-owned wind turbine in South Dakota and a large-scale wind farm in Greensburg, Kansas, a town that rebuilt green after being destroyed by a massive tornado. We’re especially excited about our recent support of school-based wind turbines in Indiana.

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Video: EmPOWERing education in Indiana with on-site wind turbines

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team
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Wind energy is revolutionizing science education. In Indiana, NativeEnergy is helping schools build wind turbines that provide hands-on learning opportunities.

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Why I’m biking to Kokomo

Posted by: Jeff Bernicke
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On October 19, Brian Killkelley and I will take our bicycles to Kokomo, Indiana. Why?

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NativeEnergy customers help build wind energy

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team
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Wind energy is transforming northern Iowa. Rural communities are benefiting from increased tax revenue, job creation, and economic development. Young people who usually leave have begun to stay. And for many farmers, wind generation is providing a key source of income.

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