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Greensburg performance is exceeding expectations

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team
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We are excited to announce that the Greensburg Wind Farm is performing even better than expected!

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Our trip to Greensburg, Kansas: Part II of II

Posted by: Ariana Wammer
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The second day of our trip began with a tour of (drum roll) THE WIND FARM! And, the tour is what I had anxiously been waiting for. Even though I could see the turbines from the town, as we drove closer and closer to these majestic towers, my excitement and awe grew. The wind farm is only about a five minute drive from the center of town and when our group arrived at the site we were met by Martin Bustos, the Site Operations Manager from John Deere Wind Energy. He was there to show us around.

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Our trip to Greensburg, Kansas: Part I of II

Posted by: Regina Farrell
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We’re back from Greensburg! We called it the Green Dedication of The Greensburg Wind Farm. As you know, we don’t own the wind farm, but we do own the rights to almost all of the environmental benefits that will come from it. So, dedicating the “green” part of the wind farm felt appropriate.

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Greensburg, Kansas' third anniversary of devastating tornado begins with green dedication of the Greensburg Wind Farm

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team
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Today, Regina Farrell, Joel Boucher, and Ariana Wammer will be off to Greensburg, along with several Charter Supporters and other NativeEnergy clients. We look forward to a dedication of the wind farm and a celebration with the citizens of the greenest town in America.

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