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The Age of Stupid

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Sep 18, 2009
Tags: climate change news

The Age of Stupid is the new movie from Director Franny Armstrong (McLibel) and producer John Battsek (One Day In September). Pete Postlethwaite stars as a man living alone in the devastated future world of 2055, looking at old footage from 2008 and asking: why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?

On September 21st / 22nd, on the eve of the UN General Assembly's climate session, The Age of Stupid will be launched internationally at the biggest and greenest live film event the world has ever seen. A-list celebrities will walk the green carpet to a solar-powered cinema tent in downtown New York, linked by satellite to 700 cinemas in 50+ countries.*

Check your local cinema, or The Age of Stupid website, for a listing of screenings. You can watch the trailer here:

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