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To all of you with a "green thumb," and those of you who may need a little help

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Feb 26, 2010
Tags: green tips

Been thinking about starting your own greenhouse or starting to grow your plants indoors? It is getting close to that time of year where gardeners and the like are yearning for the feel of dirt beneath their fingertips and begin feverishly planning and mapping out this year’s plantings.

Growing your own garden is not only an activity that you can do with your entire family, but it is an easy way to promote sustainability. Eating what you grow and what is grown in your local area avoids the pollution that would have been generated by shipping the food to your town. If you grow your own, not only do you get healthy food, but you have the comfort of knowing exactly what was put in your soil and on your crops.

If you are just learning about how to grow your food indoors, Gardener’s Supply has a great "How To" section on their website that helps spell out some of the questions/problems associated with starting seeds inside.

If you have tips or suggestions that may help our readers out, let us know by commenting here!

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