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Throughout the year, NativeEnergy hosts free webinars on topics including sustainability marketing, CSR brand-building, carbon offsetting, and more.

We collaborate with industry leaders—like Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Climate Action Reserve, and Esurance—to deliver expert and sometimes surprising knowledge that you can apply to your business.

Recent Webinars 

June 8, 2011 
Sustainability as a Lifelong Endeavor: The implications for how you build your brand

Joann Lee, Brand Partnerships Manager, Esurance
Kevin Hackett, Director of Sales and Marketing, NativeEnergy
Wood Turner, Executive Director, Climate Counts

Learn how decisive action can enhance your company’s reputation for sustainability. Esurance discusses why they have decided to build the foundation for a “greener” image and how they are doing it. Climate Counts explores the importance of brand-building and speaking forcefully about your company’s convictions.

•    How does being “green” affect a company’s behavior?
•    Should you go it alone or should you work co-operatively?
•    What can sustainability work do for businesses?  


February 2, 2011
The Story Behind Carbon Offsets: An insider’s look at carbon reduction projects

Max DuBuisson, Policy Manager, Climate Action Reserve
Brian KillKelley, Director, Supply Origination & Management, NativeEnergy
Kevin Maas, Co-Founder, Farm Power Northwest

Explore the essential role that carbon offsets can play in financing projects that reduce emissions and create more sustainable communities. We have all heard horror stories about carbon offset money not doing what it is supposed to do and organizations that have no idea where their carbon offset dollars are going. In this webinar, one of NativeEnergy's project partners provides a firsthand account of the real and direct role that carbon offsets can play in moving a project from conception to completion.   


September 15, 2010
10 Years of Voluntary Carbon Reductions: Why are we doing it? What have we done? And what do we plan to do in the future?

Tom Rawls, VP Sales & Marketing, NativeEnergy
Kim Coupounas, Co-Founder and Chief Sustainability Officer, GoLite
Jake Whitcomb, Programs and Communications Balladeer, 1% for the Planet

At NativeEnergy, we are celebrating our tenth year of business. Over the past decade, we have become involved with hundreds of companies that are working to reduce their carbon pollution. In this webinar, learn why companies act to reduce their emissions voluntarily, how they have acted, and what they plan to do in the future.

June 17, 2010
The Projects Behind Carbon Offsets: Connecting your brand to the projects, people, and communities you support

Paul Comey, Vice President of Environmental Affairs, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Brian Allenby, General Manager, Reverb
Dave Hamburg, COO, Vital Choice

In this webinar, Paul Comey of Green Mountain Coffee, Brian Allenby of REVERB, and Dave Hamburg of Vital Choice discuss their offset purchases from the Greensburg Wind Farm and why they believe it is important to help build new carbon reduction projects in communities like Greensburg, Kansas. They describe the wide range of activities that their organizations engage in to be truly responsible and sustainable actors, including the role of offsets in their overall sustainability strategy. Sorry, this recording is not available.


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